US Utility Patent No. 8,112,114 issued: 02/07/12PAT COVER

In summary the M.A.C. Cell Phone can network with all telecom carriers and  technologies, automatically updating its network path for call, data transmission, and data storage. The device is geographically sensitive to said networking.
The device has the ability to stream TV / Video wirelessly or by hard connection to home or office TVs; provide internet access to home or office computers; provide telephone service to all home and office phones; and provide FAX and data storage to the user.

The device will give any telecommunication company securing licensing rights the ability to capture the marketplace as would pertain to: Telephone service; cell phone service; internet access; and streaming TV / Video networking through all carriers and technologies globally within one device.

Additionally noted
is that the US Utility Patent of the  BRTF now incorporated into the M.A.C. Cell Phone was the first corner stone that led to the term VoIP (data calls over the internet) having the ability to facilitate a call as a "data call".

As Bell's Patent was the first for the telephone, the BRTF was the first Patent directly related to the implementation of data calls over the internet. The improvements within the M.A.C. Cell Phone will establish it as the Consumer's true choice to meet all of their telecommunications needs, the consumer's First Choice Connection
US 8,112,114
MAC Cell Phone
Licensing or manufacturing inquiries should be directed in writing to:

Walter J. Bubien, Jr. - CEO

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